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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

At MPR, we don’t just want to take care of you. We want you to feel torn between telling everyone you know about us and keeping us a secret that secures a competitive advantage.

We have everything you need to get your goods where they need to go and to do it all with zero headaches for you.

Our facility is minutes away from major north-south, east-west transportation routes and within 24 hours of two-thirds of the population of both the United States and Canada.

We have indoor and outdoor storage solutions. Ask us about our accommodations.


MPR has the largest material handlers in the region with attachments that include clam buckets, vacuum lifts, magnets, custom coil, and bulk bag apparatuses. We can transload a variety of materials from river, rail, or truck including coils, bulk materials, slabs, bulk bags, and pipes.


MPR has the region’s largest automated flat storage frac sand facility, regularly sending out more than 250 trucks each day with average live loading times of six to nine minutes, 24/7/365.

Asset-Based Transportation & Brokerage Services

Our promise to you doesn’t start and stop on a barge. Our onsite asset-based transportation brokerage goes above and beyond for our clients to ensure we do everything possible to get their goods delivered on time, every time, any time.

Frac Sand Facilities

Non-Potable Water

MPR is permitted to pull 5 million+ gallons of water from the Ohio River and other on-site locations each day for fracking, power washing, dust control, and other non-potable enterprises – 24/7 access with eight-minute quick fills.


Bulk Aggregate Sales & Delivery

  • Limestone

  • Slag

  • Salt

  • Concrete

  • Flowable Fill

  • Sand

  • Just Ask

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