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MPR Supply Chain offers a wide variety of services for barge, rail and truck loading and unloading.  Located in the Gateway Distribution point, our terminal connects to key distribution routes throughout the northeast. Our strategic riverfront location in the Ohio Valley has access to rail and is within minutes of I-70. The Interstate I-70 carries over 10,000 truck/day through the heart of the Shale region.

Our uniques location features in excess of 220 acres with the ability to develop another 200 acres. We offer two docks to service bulk cargo from barges and the capability to safely and quickly upload and store your cargo.

Some of our freight experience includes:

  • Aggregates
  • Coal/coke
  • Wire rod and steel pipe
  • Oversize/overweight cargo
  • Pebble lime
  • Scrap steel
  • Agricultural products
  • Scrap steel